About Us

XIX was named after the Nineteenth legion of the Imperial Roman Army, founded by Octavius. As most of our brands originate from Italy! Our aim is to spread the famous Italian concept to women around the world so they can flaunt their shoes, “come donne forti romane” as they say in Italian.

XIX specialises in high fashion woman's footwear , handbags and groovy accessories ranging from jewellery, scarves, sunglasses and watches. The multifaceted brand attracts women of all ages; whether you are 16 to 60, XIX is the brand for you,

Our in-house designers have manufactured these shoes to be worn, at work, at home even at a night out with the girls, inspired by the Italian culture as the Italians say “La vita e bella ma ke scarce sono migliori”, life is beautiful but shoes are better”


Mr. Asif Karim has  25 years  of experience in Textiles and  Apparel ranging from Spinning, Weaving,  Dyeing , Printing , Apparel manufacturing, Bedlinen Manufacturing to Shoes retailing and Manufacturing.

He has been instrumental in bringing the US Brand of shoes, Nine West and our in-house brand XIX-NINETEEN  to Pakistan.

He is our sourcing leader for footwear , bedding and bath linen from Pakistan and China.

Asif’s team has been providing services from  Designing, Sourcing , Quality Control to Providing Logistics for Team A Ventures for their retailing brand SUPERFEET. They also provide shoes for Khaddi, Almirah amongst a number of brands in Pakistan.

Nineteen Handbags & Shoes are also available at the following locations :
1st Floor
Dolmen Mall, Clifton Karachi.

2. Superfeet
Shop # 2076
2nd Floor
Packages Mall

3. Allure
Ground Floor
Dolmen Mall
Clifton Karachi

4. Shop # 159
Y Block Commercial
Phase 3, DHA Lahore